Representation Review

What is it all about?

Council has to review its representation arrangements for the 2019 local government elections.

Council has already resolved to keep First Past the Post as its electoral system.

Council has also resolved NOT to establish Māori Ward(s) for the 2019 local government elections.

Key decisions Council now needs to make include:

  1. how many councillors there should be on the Council;
  2. whether councillors should be elected by ward, across the whole district, or a combination of ward and district;
  3. if there are to be wards: the number, boundaries and names of the wards; and
  4. whether or not to have any community boards and, if so, the number, boundaries and names of the boards and the number of members for each board.

What do you think?

Your thoughts will be taken into consideration when developing a proposal or proposals for the Council. Between now and 31 August 2018, Council will develop options and consult further prior to submitting the favoured proposal to the Local Government Commission. This will be followed by a more formal consultation process.

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